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VW Wear- Virtuous Women's Wear

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Our Mission Statement

The vision of VW Wear is to offer the most desirable womenswear in the world, defining true beauty, poise, and unique individual style. We are committed to offering our customers highly esteemed services and merchandise.  


Welcome to VW Wear

VW Wear is an online retail store that specializes in offering the best quality products with incredible value. The launching of VW Wear in 2017 came as a result of our passion for opening a fashion business that caters for the needs of women who are. This online retail store is the home for women to shop for high-quality accessories, shoes, and clothing. To us here at VW Wear, fashion comes with a freedom to express your individual style while inspiring others. Whether you are a minimalist and have a conservative, yet simple approach to your style or a bold expressive one, we have something for you.  We also believe that our customers come first and our single focus is to provide the best quality customer service and merchandise with amazing value.

Our Story

The story of VW Wear began in 1999 when I was working in the retail industry and  I conceptualized the idea of owning a fashion company that is solely dedicated to taking care of women and meeting her shopping needs. Here at VW Wear, we believe that every woman is a virtuous woman. Every woman is capable of being wise, soft hearted, kind, and hardworking while still acting as a servant to her community, a woman with business acumen, a leader, a caring mother, and most importantly, be a woman with an enviable inner beauty. A virtuous woman can be from any profession or group, and she is in need of the best accessories, shoes, and clothing that can accentuate her beauty and make her glow.

VW Wear aims at offering to fashion-loving women different apparels that influence America and other places around the world. We want to ensure that our apparels meet and even beat the expectations of our customers. Through what we do, our method of doing it, and what we are capable of offering, we believe that the purpose of setting up our business is to ensure that customers enjoy first-rate services and high-quality products. Finally, our passion lies in providing great value as well as superior service and products.


Why Shop With Us at VW Wear

Our intent is to provide value and quality merchandise that comes with unmatched textures, patterns, and designs. We aim at creating a long-lasting relationship with our clients and ensuring that you enjoy a fantastic shopping experience with us as we keep our customers in tune with the most innovative ideas and latest trends they can use in expressing their fashion style.

At VW Wear, our future purchases have incentives and rewards programs. Our customers can enjoy discounted coupon on their birthdays each year. In addition, if our customers are not completely satisfied after buying our products, we provide a “money back guarantee” policy.