Frustrated? Need a Face Mask That is Appealing to Wear Right Away but, can not find one?

Ladies are frustrated everywhere looking to buy elastic and other basic sewing supplies to make their own fashionable face mask. Have you had enough of wearing the plain and boring medical looking ones? Well, read further and get easy fashion tips of how to make a fashionable one that you like.

We are living in uncertain times and its surreal that it has come to this, having to cover our noses and mouths to protect ourselves and our families from the Covid-19 corona virus.  As you have made your way last week going to the store to buy essential items, it was a choice to wear a mask or not.  Things have quickly changed since last week.  Now, it is a mandate and many of us, must wear a mask often.  Surprisingly,  we see a variety of masks worn that are either manufactured or proudly home made.  Can not find the one you are looking for? Are the stores where you live out of elastic bands, eco-friendly fabrics, or thread and sewing needles. Some orders online for supples not available until May or June.  

We have exactly what we need inside of our closets.  It is time to recycle some of your garments and turn it into a stylish mask. First, look for clothing that you were going to donate and were no longer worn for the past two years.   Most likely everyone has a cotton t-shirt, tops with beautiful prints in good condition, and elastic hair bands or elastic from old garments.  Just simply remove and use the fabric from your own clothing to make your masks. There are many patterns for making  face masks that can be downloaded and printed from online.  If you do not have a printer, then you can sketch the layout free style with a ruler.  Be sure to measure the width and the length according to the instructions and cut out your pattern.  Use paper to cut out your pattern.  Hand sew it or use a sewing machine if you have one.  And there you have it, your very own hand made fashionable face mask.