What Are Your Clothes Saying About You?

Posted by Andrea Williams on

We can all agree that most first impressions form a mental image to others about us.  Our physical appearance does matter, especially on a first date, on a job interview, on attending events or meeting up with family or friends.  Clothes are almost whimsical.  Wearing certain clothes can really brighten our day and even change our mood like a light switch.  Also, our clothes should be worn clean, worn wrinkle-free, and worn to fit appropriately.  Wearing clothing that is either dirty, wrinkled, and too big or too small are huge no-no's.  We must strive on a daily basis to not slack in this area when it comes to our physical appearance because our personal style tells a little bit of our story and a glimpse of our personality to the world.  

We are to strive to put our best version of ourselves to the forefront and not hide behind our clothes.  Live life boldly and free by wearing clothing that complements our personal taste and style that not only flatters, but inspires others.  We are never too young or too old to gain the knowledge to learn how to dress well.  We can also learn how to create a signature look or personal style that we are remembered for years to come.  What is your favorite color, your favorite jewelry, your favorite scent or perfume to wear, or your favorite fabrics to wear, that feels good on your skin?  This is part of your signature style. 

Do not let your clothes to just hang on you like a hangar, but wear them as a beautiful silhouette on your body.  Did you know that there are different body types, which one is yours? There is the pear-shape, the hour-glass shape, the slender -straight shape, and the apple shape.  Any shape can be flattering when coupled with the right clothing for that specific body type. This is easy to learn.  Do your clothes actually fit? Do your clothes give you that enhanced look you want? What are your clothes saying about you?


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